BlitzFileStats custom module available for Inspector V2

BlitzFileStats is the latest addition to our custom module collection for reporting on data logged to tables using the First Responder kit, We created a new project where we plan on producing two other new modules for Perfmon data and BlitzWho data collected by the First Responder kit data collection alongside the previously released BlitzWaits custom module... Continue Reading →

Undercover Tools: June Updates

Undercover Catalogue Update 0.4.3 An update to the tables module, Row count and size infotmation added Fix - LocalInterrogation There was an issue with the LocalInterrogation stored proc not updating the execution log, this has now been fixed. Undercover Inspector Updates we forgot to mention from May (V2.2): Added EmailGroup column to ReportData table #216Added... Continue Reading →

Undercover Tools: February Updates and Change Log

Below is the February list of changes and updates to the Undercover Tools. Undercover Catalogue Update 0.4.2Two new modules were added to the Catalogue. Trace Flags - Capture trace flags which are switched on on your SQL Servers Cluster - Capture details on any clusters that your SQL Servers sit on top of. Undercover Inspector

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