Inspector 2.4 now available

All the changes for this release can be found in the Github Project page

Mainly bug fixes this time around , but we have also added new functionality:


#263 If you centralize your Servers’ collections into a single database, you may be interested in the latest addition, we added the ability to override most of the global settings for thresholds found in the Settings table on a server by server basis so you are no longer locked to a threshold for all the servers information contained within the database. Check out the Github issue for more details regarding the change or check out the Inspector user guide.

Bug Fixes

#257 Fixed a bug where the Inspector Auto update Powershell function was incorrectly parsing non uk date formats, download the latest InspectorAutoUpdate.psm1 to get the update.

#261 We noticed that ModuleConfig with ReportWarningsOnly = 3 still sent a report even if there were no Warnings/Advisories present so we fixed that.

#256 If you use the powershell collection and one of your servers had a blank settings table that servers’ collection was being skipped, shame on us! we fixed this so that the settings table is re-synced and collection continues.

#259 The BlitzWaits custom module was highlighting wait types from your watched wait types table even when the threshold was not breached , A silly oversight but we got it fixed.

#265 The Backup space module was failing if access was denied on the backup path , we handle this gracefully now so you will see a warning on your report if this occurs.

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