DELETE TOP x rows with an ORDER BY

Photo by Pixabay on This was an interesting question that I was asked yesterday and something that I'd never really thought of before. Can you delete the top x number of rows based on an ORDER BY? Why would you want to do that? Well let's just assume that we have a 'people' table... Continue Reading →

Opening your SQL Backup Folder using Powershell

Sometimes I find remembering where a particular server sends its backups to a nightmare. You might have servers backing up to different locations, you might have different locations for individual databases and different locations for your fulls, diffs and logs. You might be trying to get your head around a customer's set up, where the... Continue Reading →

Which Processes are waiting on a Spinlock?

Spinlock contention is always a real headache to deal with. I recently saw an issue when spinlock contention on SOS_CACHESTORE was making the server virtually unresponsive. The issue was very intermittent with no obvious pattern but the assumption is that it was caused by a particular process in the application. Finding what that process was... Continue Reading →

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