Undercover Tools: January Updates and Change Log

Below is the January list of changes and updates to the Undercover Tools. Undercover Catalogue Update 0.4.0Major upgrade, see https://sqlundercover.com/2020/01/06/undercover-catalogue-0-4-0-released/ for full details Update 0.4.1ServerConfig module added, detailing settings exposed in sp_configure settings Services module fix, adds compatibility with older service packs of SQL2012 and 2014 Addition of an upgrade history table Undercover Inspector Update... Continue Reading →

Inspector 2.1 now available

As always all updates can be found on our Github repo Breaking changes (Powershell collection): We only test the powershell collection against 2-3 servers so please test carefully before rolling out changes especially if you are centralising more servers than we do. Unlike the SQL based agent collections we would recommend running the powershell collection... Continue Reading →

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