Undercover Tools: January Updates and Change Log

Below is the January list of changes and updates to the Undercover Tools.

Undercover Catalogue

Update 0.4.0
Major upgrade, see https://sqlundercover.com/2020/01/06/undercover-catalogue-0-4-0-released/ for full details

Update 0.4.1
ServerConfig module added, detailing settings exposed in sp_configure settings

Services module fix, adds compatibility with older service packs of SQL2012 and 2014

Addition of an upgrade history table

Undercover Inspector

Update 2.1 (Blog post)
Auto Updates via Github or local path – If you are running the Powershell collection you can keep up to date with the latest build.(#202)

New schedule option for reports – schedule to run on specific weekdays i.e ‘Monday,Wednesday,Friday’ using the new column ‘RunDay’ in the Inspector.ModuleConfig table.(#199)

New Report exclusions table added to exclude certain server/module combinations reporting.(#195)

Revision date column added to the Upgrade history table (#191)

Added frequency based insert action option for the powershell collection (#206)

Custom Modules:
Released the BlitzWaits module – see the blog post for more details.

CPU Custom module installation now automatically detects if you have the Inspector configured for linked server centralization. (#198)

Added Stage/Merge support for CPU module when using the powershell collection. (#207)

Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue with the Powershell collection not producing reports on schedule.(#203)

Fixed a bug in the PSConfig table where report only modules were trying to centralise data.(#204)

Fixed a bug in the Database growth module not handling filestream file info – Thanks to Alex for the bug report and fix. (#205)

Removed the settings sync for the Modules table when using the powershell collection, we no longer want the table to be in sync as each server uses the Modules table independently.(#208)

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