The SQLUndercover Inspector is now available!

The SQLUndercover Inspector is now available on GitHub, a quick run down of what it does can be found here: Introducing: The SQLUndercover Inspector, a quick video introduction can be found here and upcoming video tutorials will be released on Undercover TV in due course. Thanks for reading 🙂

sp_AGReconfigure 1.1 is now available

sp_AGReconfigure 1.1 is now available HERE and on GitHub V1.1 includes a new Parameter and some minor bug fixes: @Readable NULL - DEFAULT:  Ignore Readable secondary check (acts as though you are using V1) 0 - Produce a statement to switch readable secondary off if switched on 1 - Produce a statement to switch readable... Continue Reading →

Introducing: The SQLUndercover Inspector

Introducing: The SQLUndercover Inspector! Finally we have a V1 almost ready to hit our GitHub but what exactly is it?   Just another Monitoring tool? well not quite, the SQLUndercover Inspector is not really a Monitoring tool as such, parts of the Inspector can be used in this way if you choose to configure it that... Continue Reading →

Failed to perform AlwaysOn Manual Failover using the wizard – Availability-group DDL Operations are permitted only when you are using the master database .

  Routine maintenance rolls around and it's time to failover your AG's to new Primary's to allow for patching and restarts... the weapon of choice will be the SSMS Failover wizard - and why not its does the job nicely and give us some nice visuals as it progresses through each failover.   On this... Continue Reading →

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