Inspector V1.2 now available

  It has been long overdue but finally V1.2 is now available on GitHub. V1.2 brings a lot of changes, here is an overview of what has been added.   Enhancements:  #9 Long running transactions module added - A new setting has been added to  [Inspector].[Settings]. This setting is the threshold in Seconds, if a transaction exceeds... Continue Reading →

Inspector V1.2 revised installation guide

  There is a new setup process for the Inspector, below we have outlined the steps required to get you started.   Grab a copy of SQLUndercoverinspectorV1.sql from GitHub Run the setup script in the context of your logging database     You have now created the Inspector schema and InspectorSetup stored procedure in your logging database,... Continue Reading →

What if it all grows out?!

The other day I got thinking about what would happen if all databases on a single instance grew out, every single one of them! but not just once, what if they all grew out three, four or fives times overnight - what would things look like? Well I know the likelihood may be slim but... Continue Reading →

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