SQL Smackdown!!! Cursors VS Loops

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the main event of the evening.  The SQL Undercover Smackdown Heavy Weight Championship of the World!  In the red corner, we hate him, we loath him, I've even heard people say he should be deprecated, it's the Cursor!!!  Facing him in the blue corner, loved on the forums, praised by... Continue Reading →

Failed to perform AlwaysOn Manual Failover using the wizard – Availability-group DDL Operations are permitted only when you are using the master database .

  Routine maintenance rolls around and it's time to failover your AG's to new Primary's to allow for patching and restarts... the weapon of choice will be the SSMS Failover wizard - and why not its does the job nicely and give us some nice visuals as it progresses through each failover.   On this... Continue Reading →

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