Undercover Catalogue 0.2 Released

We’re pleased to announce the release of the Undercover Catalogue 0.2 and can be downloaded from https://github.com/SQLUndercover/UndercoverToolbox/tree/master/SQLUndercoverCatalogue

The new version brings with it a number of new modules as well as the thing that we’re most excited about, a Power Bi dashboard to make keeping track of your SQL Server estate even easier.

Power BI Dashboard

One of the biggest new features that we’ve developed for the Catalogue is the all new dashboard, written using Power Bi.

Undercover Catalogue Power Bi Dashboard

The dashboard contains a number of different reports, the Estate Overview (as seen above), Database Overview, Security Overview, Agent Jobs and Availability Groups.

We think that it gives a great view of all your servers in one place.

Watch out for a future post taking an in depth look into the dashboard.

New and Enhanced Modules

Version 0.2 brings with it a number of new modules, capturing new metrics and bringing more information into the Catalogue as well as enhancements into existing modules.

Enhanced Modules

The following data has been added to the Servers module

  • Server start time
  • Cost threshold
  • Max worker threads
  • MaxDOP
  • CPU count
  • Physical memory
  • SQL memory settings
  • Cluster and VM info

Logins now captures the login type (SQL, Windows, Windows Group)

New Modules

This new module will record all individual Windows accounts that happen to be a member of an AD groups with access to your SQL Server.

Linked Servers

Database Tables

dbaTools Future Proofing

dbaTools have announced that a number of functions have been deprecated and will be removed before the release of version 1.

To future proof the Catalogue against these breaking changes, all deprecated functions have been removed from the Interrogation Powershell script.

Execution Log

An execution log has been added which will keep an audit of every time that the Catalogue is updated.

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