Undercover Catalogue 0.2 Hox Fix 2 to Fix Breaking Changes with dbatools 1.0.0 & SQL2008r2/2008 Compatibility Patch RELEASED

Some breaking changes were introduced with dbatools 1.0.0, please make sure that you’ve got the latest version of hotfix 2 installed as well as the lastest Interrogation script running

The minimum version of dbatools that we now support is 1.0.0

Undercover Catalogue 0.2.2

It looks like a bug has crept it’s way into the Undercover Catalogue.

When running with certain versions of DBA Tools, a number of the modules will fail to collect when the Interrogation script is run (this is down to my sloppy coding, no fault of the great guys at DBA Tools). This hot fix will solve that problem.

The hot fix can be downloaded from GitHub, this will need to be run against your central monitoring instance as well as all target instances.


and the updated interrogation script https://github.com/SQLUndercover/UndercoverToolbox/blob/master/SQLUndercoverCatalogue/CatalogueInterrogation.ps1

SQL 2008r2/2008/possibly 2005 Compatibility Patch (unsupported)

The Databases and Availability Groups modules will fail when run against versions of SQL Server prior to SQL 2012.

We’re going to stand by our decision to only support SQL 2012 onwards but to help out you guys who are still running 2012 and 2012r2 (this may also work on 2005 but it’s not been tested), we’ve put together a compatibility patch for you.

The patch should be applied ONLY to those non-supported instances.


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