Undercover Catalogue 0.3.0-Auditing and Change Tracking Comes to the Catalogue

We’re pleased to announce the release of the Undercover Catalogue 0.3.0. You can grab it from our GitHub page…


Installing and Upgrading

Full installation and upgrade instructions can be found on the main Catalogue page, https://sqlundercover.com/undercover-catalogue-0-2/

v0.3.0 Brings Auditing to the Catalogue

The biggest change that we’ve introduced to the Catalogue is auditing. All modules now include an audit table that will record any changes to the items recorded by the module.

This makes it simple to spot any changes to a server’s configuration, a table’s definition, database settings or anything else that could catch out out.

So next time your SQL Server starts behaving strangly for no obvious reason, dip into the Catalogue’s audit tables and see if something has changed.

Bug Fixes

We’ve also rolled out a handful of minor bug fixes to make everything run a little bit easier.

No Changes To The Dashboard?

I know someone’s going to ask the question and the answer is unfortunately, no. At the moment, there are no changes to the PowerBI dashboard so you won’t be able to see any of that lovely audit info in there. Don’t worry though, the Dashboard’s not dead and it is something that we’re going to be looking at rolling into it soon.

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