sp_RestoreScript 1.7 Released

sp_RestoreScript 1.7 has been released. For information and documentation please visit https://sqlundercover.com/2017/06/29/undercover-toolbox-sp_restorescript-a-painless-way-to-generate-sql-server-database-restore-scripts/

Changes in 1.7

New Parameters

@IncludeCopyOnly –
1 – Copy only backups are included
0 – Copy only backups are excluded

@SingleUser – Put the database into single user mode before restoring

@StopAtMark – Append stopatmark clause to any log restores

@StopBeforeMark – Append stopbeforemark clause to any log restores

New Functionality and Fixes

Functionality – Any database names that make up the file name are now changed to match the name that database is being restored as when WITH MOVE is used.

Functionality – Added support for more backup location types, now supports, disk, tape, logical devices and Azure blob storage

Functionality – Support for STOPATMARK and STOPBEFOREMARK

Functionality – Ability to ignore copy only backups

Functionality – Ability to put a database into single user with rollback immediate before restoring

Fix – prevent selection of log backups that are too early

Fix – automatically appends \ to any file path where it has been omitted

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