Getting started with the SQLUndercover Inspector

Here is a quick guide to getting started with the SQLUndercover Inspector.

We made some changes to the installation process, please read them here in the revised installation guide



  • SQL 2012 or higher
  • SQL Server Agent
  • A database to store the the data collected by the agent jobs (this can be one you use for your other DBA needs it doesn’t have to be a dedicated database)


  • For instances with availability groups where you take backups on the secondary replicas you will need Linked Servers from your SQL server replicas to point to a central central database, this is so that the backups check can look for backups against all replicas and insert this in a central database allowing the report to aggregate the data. Hopefully in a later version we will be able to remove this requirement.


Below is a list of the Parameter names used by the setup procedure and a brief description of what they do.

@LinkedServername – Name of the linked server you will be using or leave as NULL if you are not going to be using linked servers.

@Databasename – Name of the Logging database (Cannot be NULL)

@DataDrive – SET the drive letter where your database Data files are stored

@LogDrive – SET the drive letter where your database Log files are stored

@InitialSetup – For initial setup leave as 1, if re running or upgrading then set this to 0 to retain all previously logged data

@StackNameForEmailSubject – e.g. ‘SQLUndercover’ Specify a name for the stack you are reporting on that you want to show in the email subject

@EmailRecipientList – Set email recipient addresses (comma delimited) This will populate the EmailRecipients table for ‘DBA’

@BackupsPath – e.g ‘F:\Backups’ – Backup Drive and path

@DriveSpaceHistoryRetentionInDays e.g. 90

@DaysUntilDriveFullThreshold e.g. 56 – Estimated days until drive is full – Specify the threshold for when you will start to receive alerts (Red highlight and Alert header entry)

@FreeSpaceRemainingPercent e.g. 10 – Specify the percentage of drive space remaining where you want to start seeing a yellow highlight against the drive

@DriveLetterExcludes – Exclude Drive letters from showing Yellow Advisory warnings when @FreeSpaceRemainingPercent has been reached/exceeded e.g C,D (Comma Delimited)

@DatabaseGrowthsAllowedPerDay e.g. 1 – Total Database Growths acceptable for a 24hour period If exceeded a Yellow Advisory condition will be shown

@MAXDatabaseGrowthsAllowedPerDay e.g. 10 – MAX Database Growths for a 24 hour period If equal or exceeded a Red Warning condition will be shown

@AgentJobOwnerExclusions e.g. ‘SA’ – Exclude agent jobs with these owners (Comma delimited)

@FullBackupThreshold e.g. 8 – X Days older than Getdate()
@DiffBackupThreshold e.g. 2 – X Days older than Getdate()
@LogBackupThreshold e.g. 60 – X Minutes older than Getdate()

@DatabaseOwnerExclusions e.g. ‘SA’ – Exclude databases with these owners (Comma delimited)

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